Monday, January 2, 2017

Fuck you Hillary Clinton

I primarily blame Hillary for putting USA in the shitstorm it's in right now. 

She's like the Lance Armstrong of politicians. The one who wins not because he goes home and trains hard every single day, wakes up, lives, eats, breathes sport, constantly pushes his boundaries of what's possible, and gives back to the sport (even when the cameras are off, and there isn't a paycheck in sight). No, he's the one who wins because he cheats, because he sabotages his opponents, because he plays dirty, because he gets the entire billion-dollar-industry of sponsors and establishment-heads (whose own career ambitions are vested in riding his coat tails) to handicap and crush any usurpers thru ANY dirty means necessary, because he wants the prize, the glory, the fame, he wants to be number one AT ALL COSTS, because he believes he entitled to it because he's Lance fucking Armstrong, bitch.

This isn't to say that the cards weren't stacked against her through misogyny and sexism and outside interference from Russia and whatnot. But they didn't write the damn emails; they just hacked the damn things and exposed the ugly things that HER campaign and the DNC colluded on to somehow, by hook or by crook (and mainly by crook), sabotage any worthy opponents and free her the debate questions in advance and whatnot, so she gets an unfair advantage and can coast to victory because she's CLINTON, bitch.

No, she fucked it up all on her own, despite her billion-dollar, biggest-ever bankrolled campaign to date. She fucked it up despite the alternative being an orange-faced fascist buffoon who can't even string a sentence together, let alone a coherent policy for advancing America. She fucked it up because she acted like an entitled prick who's above the law because she's owed... for what exactly?.. for being a woman in politics for this long? 

She fucked it up because she was so unpalatable that people just couldn't get themselves to swallow their pride and just goddamn vote for her to keep the crazies away from the nuke codes (no, it wasn't all misogyny- she lost because far fewer people turned up to vote for her, not because way more people turned up and voted for that racist, sexist, orange asshat). 

And Huma and her ilk and all the sycophantic nitwits who ran her campaign and social media presence like a giant, pearl-clutching, eager-to-take-umbrage, entitled twat can go fuck themselves because they got exactly what they deserved and were too blinded by ambition to see just how high the stakes were and just how dangerously they were playing with fire and risking burning up the country's future in the process. 

Of all the goddamn, stupidass shit to tweet and share, in the midst of serious, policy-oriented debates, they chose instead of pearl-clutch and manufacture outrage that Sanders 'manterrupted' her, or trump shuffled behind her to 'mantimidate', or some other stupid thing to focus on instead of the real issues at stake here. 

If they had gotten their heads out of their asses long enough to stop playing identity politics and start seeing why Sanders was so charged-up, so energizing, so inspirational, so CAPABLE, of *truly* making America great again, maybe they would've learnt something. Maybe they would've seen the same fire within him that captivated the people and catalysts them to come out and vote in droves, for hope and change and positivity. Maybe they should've shut up and listened more, instead of trying to sabotage any opposition and spin the media to focus on how he's white and male and 'manterrupts' and so oh-my-god-are-you-really-going-to-NOT-vote-for-Hillary-you-must-be-a-racist-sexist-woman-hater! 

Hillary Clinton is an entitled jerk. And she has no one else to blame but herself for setting the country back into the dark ages. 

And when everything is burnt to the ground and all that's left is ashes, there they are licking their wounds and STILL acting like entitled, finger-pointing assholes without an ounce of self-reflection or ability to take responsibility for fucking things up so badly and screwing over everyone in the bargain. 

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