Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Window-shopping in Harvard Square

Four delicate tea cups with gold leaf-lining gently cradled within each other

A stack of bright, shiny cookbooks bursting with flavor and the possibility of exquisite gastronomical feasts

A forgotten clock tucked away in a corner of the room, behind a discolored mirror

A flash of hot pink in a satiny dress, very trendy, very mod

An old weighing scale, circa 1949, with a dusty old weight stone in it

A whimsical hat with feathers in it, how delightful to sip tea with friends in

Bright jangly earrings, by the mirror, with a lovely wooden frame around it

A scented candle in a discolored glass jar with a rusty, beautiful engraved screwcap

A bunch of bright yellow pencils, neatly bound in a single rubberband, left on the wooden table with the books

One silk blouse, on a hanger, yearning to be owned, to be cherished, to be loved

Crinkly paper rustling in the breeze, beneath a low chandelier

One blue ribbon, and in it, a set of beautifully engraved perfumed note cards to send to old friends and lovers

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A to the D to the A to the motherfucking M :-) said...

You can't take the square root of -1, silly! Unless working with imaginary numbers, of course. I know nowdays, since I'll probably be an engineer someday... :-)

I hope life is treating you good.