Monday, September 8, 2008

Random musings, epiphanies and odds and ends.

  • My blog needs to be updated more often.

  • Chaos is beautiful.

  • My shampoo contains beer. It’s a good conditioner.

  • Sunlight makes me happy. So does rain.

  • Most of my friends are married. They hang out with other married couples, or stay at home with their spouses.

  • If you spent your twenties married to someone that you couldn’t make it work with in the end, have you thrown the best years of your life away? Or is that just something single 30-somethings say to console themselves for the lack of regular sex in their lives?
  • I designed my own calling card. Its pink. With a rainbow-checkered cow in gold heels on the back.

  • The silk moth is born without a mouth. After emerging from the pupae, it flaps its useless wings about – years of domestication and inbreeding have rendered the worm unable to fly – till it finds a mate, copulates, lays eggs, and then dies in a day. Are we actually giving their lives meaning by killing them and rendering them useful?

  • If I could be reborn whenever and wherever as anyone else other than myself, I’d go back to the 70s and Woodstock and become a groupie for Led Zep.

  • Beer rocks. Champagne tastes like shit.

  • After two years of living in the US, my nice well-mannered friend has turned into an obnoxious American who talks loudly and incessantly about things no one really gives a fuck about.

  • I like India. It grows on you.

  • I feel a pang of nostalgia when I see school or college kids these days.

  • Some days I feel the ground slipping away from my feet, and I remember I’m too old for sex, drugs and rock n roll.

  • Thank god for oasis. That’s the one band from my generation I will pass on to my kids.

  • I will always pair my kurtis with keds.

  • I wear jeans to work everyday.

  • Starfish are capable of regenerating any part of their body.

  • If religion is the opium of the masses, is insanity the drug of choice for those privileged few?

  • If I killed because I was cornered, would I feel guilty?

  • I hate twilight.

  • Are fat people happy? Really?

  • Thank god for Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

  • I will name my daughter Zopa. No surname.

  • If you’re feeling blue, find a psychiatrist and pay her to listen to you whine.

  • Sex and the city’s a half-decent show. Vacuous, self-obsessed and peripherally intellectual, it makes for good tv nonetheless.

  • Am I the only person in the world to still use the word nonetheless?

  • I also use albeit.

  • If by some quirk in the universe tomorrow we woke up and everyone was clairvoyant, what would happen to the world in 24 hours?

  • Would you rather be dumb and happy than the opposite?

  • I get high on the Beatles.

  • Kids are great. Parents are scary.

  • If I have kids would I turn into a different person?

  • A good pair of stilettos turn you into a bitch. Really.

  • I never tire of falling in love.

  • One day I will have a toned taut body and then I will take nude black and white shots to look at when I’m old and flatulent.
  • I have an over-developed superego.

  • Money makes you happy.

  • Good food makes you happier.

  • I just had ox tongue. And I liked it.

  • I still haven't finished season 2 of scrubs.

  • In an industrial family, your family politics are your office politics. Do your friends then become your family?

  • How many lovers is too many?

  • I wish I was taller.

  • Can you feel yourself descend into madness?

  • One day I will read the entire discworld series.

  • I listen to Floyd in darkness.

  • How many special people change?

  • How many lives are living strange?

  • Where were you while we were getting high?

  • Om.


Kaushik said...

Drink some Rum.

W H said...

Maybe you can write a book on seven hundred ways to save time..

Or start a therapy forcing people to read all the postsecrets in a day...

the short and the long is, oopsie.. there is no short...

niyo said...

i use nonetheless and albeit too. the rest of the musings we shall discuss later. hehe.

karan said...

i like this post.. there are no paragraphs..