Wednesday, April 23, 2008


my broken shard of glass
how i miss the colors
you splayed upon the cold marble floor
as you broke
the light
into a thousand million pieces
of you.
how i miss your dark pools of self-loathing,
you tiny cuts upon the retina of sanity,
your toxic tar-pits of mangled ambitions
and half-congealed dream.
my broken shard of glass
how i miss your cold beautiful hatred.
i miss the comfort of washing my sins in your warm blood
the night you broke me
like you broke yourself
with laughter bouncing off the smooth insides of my hollowed cranium.
the night we gnawed the fingernails of emotion down to its bleeding stubs
the night we lay, you and i, a mangled mess of bones and hair,
of groin and heart,
blood and semen
how you ate off me, like i fed off you, and we both feasted on
brilliant hate
like rainbow-colored gummy bears.
my broken shard of glass
how i miss
your beautiful madness
your venom
your sharp claws down the back of my soft exposed flesh
my love.
how we wallow now in cold grey silence
and bleak indifference.


Aditi said...

what intensity!!!! is this the same gentle person i thought i knew????!!

compos mentis said...


the very same :D once in a while.. i gets in ze mood.


Kaushik said...

I like the lack of capital letters in the poem. Adds to 'ze mood'.
You've used 'I' in some places, and 'i' in others, though. Make it uniform-like.

Pinkus Andronicus

Kaushik said...

Also, 'colors' is a totally lame title. But if you insist on calling it that, might as well spell it right: colours.


compos mentis said...


fine then! i wont call it colors :P

And the i/I is cuz of word's overactive spellchecker. i be fixing immediately.