Sunday, January 20, 2008

you ate my doughnut?

Karthik and Sonya.
First dialogue spoken by Karthik. Alternating dialogues.

- You ate my doughnut?!

- I need carbs. You know that.

- That was… my doughnut. I was saving that doughnut.

- Yes. It was quite tragic. But I believe, on this occasion, my needs were greater than yours.

- But why… my doughnut. Why… that doughnut. I even put a sticky note on it. '13th February'.

- It had blue sprinkles. You know I cant resist blue sprinkles.

- I had it all figured out… a nice quiet dinner for myself. By the bedside, where I always dine. And this doughnut… this particular doughnut.

- I opened the fridge… and looked at the doughnut. It had blue sprinkles. And a note. February 13th. That's… six months. To the day.

- I don't think I can take this anymore… this… doughnut… this… arrangement.

- And I thought… god, that's a lot. Six months. I must be mad. I mean, who would do such a thing?

- Its too… its too much. I cant take this anymore. It was fun... in the beginning… but… (reminisces) man, we had some wild times. Remember how we were? Remember…. (runs to fetch notebook and eagerly flips through pages and reads) September 9 th. Today, we feasted on chocolates. 75% percent cocoa, godiva dark…

- Man that was some night… We jived all night to Billy Joel. No wait, it was the Beatles. Old school.

- (still reading) It was 2am when we went up to our room. Sonya has had a little too much red wine. We finished an entire bottle of pinot noir. 1976. Good year.

- And you kept twirling. And my skirt flew up to my waist. And we danced and we danced and we danced… and I wore out my heels.

- (still reading) we made love seven times tonight. Sonya had a multiple orgasm. Her first.

- Remember how we woke up the next day, in each other's arms? Sigh..

- (closes the book) that was some good chocolate we had that night. (pause) All the chocolate is gone now.

- It felt… so good. So complete. Like we were made for each other. And we didn't need anyone else.

- And then the wine ran out too… and we had no wine and no chocolates. And there were doughnuts. And only the doughnuts remained.

- Such a cool idea. Lets run away. lets… be together. Just you and I. Alone.

- And the bread. We had lots of bread.

- We don't need anyone else! If they don't let us get married then.. then… we'd run away! And it was exactly what we did.

- And baked beans. Crates and crates of baked beans. Man we bought out the whole grocery store!

- We'll go into hiding. Lay low. I'd cook and you'd clean. And we'd read and watch movies and dance all night. Just you and me, like husband and wife.

- Guy thought we were mad. Thought we were stocking up for the Armageddon or something! Well… we did buy enough supplies to last three years. Good thing you stole that money from your dad.

- And then we can get married. And no one would touch us. Not your mum…

- Or your dad…

- Or my brothers… or… anyone!

- Who invented these rules man! Who the hell sat up there and said, you, yes you, now you're mature enough to decide who you'd want to spend your life with. Who the fuck..

- (quietly) fuck that…

- Yeah, fuck that! We'd show em. Good thing we knew about D's warehouse huh? Turned it into a makeshift home and holed ourselves up underground.

- Another 3 and a half years to go… 1182 days.

- (quietly) your dad's scary you know.

- I know.

- Said he'd break my legs, when he found out you know.

- I know.

- Sent people over to my home.. broke everything… all the furniture.. the clothes… goondas.. Broke down the door middle of the night and turned the whole house upside down…

- I know.

- Scared the hell outta my mum… she thought we were gonna die for sure..

- I'm not my dad.

- Damn straight you're not! He's a…a… loony. A fucking inbred bastard with all the intellect of a fly! Not good enough?! Im not good enough for you? Ha. HA!

- I miss my dad.

- Problem with these fuckers man… you make a little money. You get a little famous. You come into power, and you think you rule the world.

- And mum.

- Said he'd break my legs and hunt down my family if I came after you. HA! I showed him. (grabs her and holds her close) Who'd she choose, fucker? Who'd she go with, in the end, huh?!

- Karthik..

- Too young. What the fuck do they know?! I'll be 15 in a month. And another three years. And we can get married.

- Karthik... I miss my friends. And school. And my mum. And…

- Hey… what are you saying?

- Six months… six months. The… the supplies are running out. We're out of… of… chocolates, and wine. And the eggs went bad a long time ago and the butter turned rancid. And its baked beans everyday… (hysterical) Baked beans baked beans baked beans! From a fucking tin! I'm going insane.

- You mean… you want to go back to your father? (pause) just like that? Leave.. Me.. Us, and everything we've shared… Jus walk out the door after six months and go, hey daddy, guess who's back?

- (Sobs)

- (agitated) You stupid… idiot! You think you can change this?! (Grabs her by the shoulders and yells) You think you can just…. Change your mind?! We made a pact! Till death! We'd run away and stay in hiding till we were both old enough to get married! You cant leave now!

- (Cries) Stop it… you're hurting me…

- Why did you eat all the doughnuts, you stupid fuck! Why?! I told you to save it. I told you to keep it for another month. Didn't we decide?! Didn't we write it all down? Everything! Every single thing we did every single fucking day. What we were going to eat and when and how much, why don't you just follow instructions like you're told!

- (Screams) let me go! You're hurting me!

- None of this would've happened if YOU haven't climbed into my room that night with your packed suitcase, and… (in a high voice mimicking her) "lets run away, just you and I, and its all arranged... I know where dad hides the cash"… Who did that?! Who?!

- (sobs) I'm sorry... I didn't want any of this.. I don't want this anymore..

- Your stupid loony dad and his.. his.. Goondas! He's nothing but a small time goon. And you! You knew this! And you still ran away and landed at my house in the middle of the night and... I left everything behind.. And mum and sis and..and…they're probably dead!

- (Screams and pushes him away. He falls. She sobs. Then silence)

- (quietly) why'd you have to eat the doughnut?


W H said...

OK.. pretty interesting...
but, pardon me, what, in heaven's name is this? I'm sure you can win the nobel prize for writing something so much incomprehensible than Gabriel Garcia's.

BTW.. I really hated it when my roomies would eat my biscuits I'd keep for sleepless nights which induced an increase in the acid flow in my bowels... One of the reasons I moved out and started staying alone.

compos mentis said...

its a good question. i am still figuring it out.