Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nunsense Worse - Part 1

i kissed her
and i thought of worms
and how her fingers touch worm spit everyday
and yesterday she feasted on bee vomit
and now her giant mouth came towards me
like a gaping hole where light was lost forever
i threw up on the sidewalk
and then i ran
she died under the streetlight
and two days later kim jong il exploded a small nuclear bomb on the planet of zordjnark23.pi
i cry for my red felt hat.

i like u she said
i thought of how like poles repel
i am bipolar i said
u are mean she said
and then she cried
i watched her coldly
and then i started teaching about poison distribution
meanwhile in cherapunji one man died of heart failure

she told me she had cancer
i told her she used too much deodorant
she said she’s breaking up with me
i asked if she was sleeping with my best friend
she blamed the Koreans
and then transmogrified into a small misshapen chunk of meat
i drove a stake through her and ate her with peanut sauce
her Alsatian howled outside in the cold night air


Kaushik said...

I like it a lot until the third verse. After that it gets tiresome.


compos mentis said...

yus. it gets old. hmm.