Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nunsense Worse - Part 2

he picked up a sketch pen and drew a picture on the white board.
It looked at him scornfully
it was a circle
a scornful circle
wait no, he cried, i’m writing
balls it said
and refused to be written
and then the world exploded and everyone died

i stood there in the rain and my yellow boots
i can alienate squirrels i said
ha she said
actually she said ha with an exclamation mark
i watched the spittle eject from her mouth and catch the last rays of the setting sun
it was beautiful
i cried and the snot mingled with the rain
and then i said colon and an asterix
she said she had prostate cancer so i killed her with my blackberry
all that was left was her prostitute red heels and one forlorn gonad


she came in through the bathroom window
like an interstellar bunny from outer space
and she told me the trail of nonsense has ended
and we must now write a story
and then she sucked the verse out of me
her breath smelt faintly of almonds
i wondered if she killed kenn..n.. .. .


W H said...

Pity you don't know Bangla (or do you?).. you would have.. You would have enjoyed reading Sukumar Ray's Aabol Tabol and Ho Jo Bo Ro Lo..
Some things can only be enjoyed in the native tongue...

compos mentis said...



Sadly, English is the language I'm most comfortable speaking. One day...one day...