Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We come in pif

Pif is a brand new performance festival, organized for Chennai by Chennaiites (mostly) with a focus on original work, collaboration, and an irreverent, ironic and socially conscious tone. A group of professional and semi professional writers, musicians and actors based in Chennai are the driving force behind Pif-- the first avatar of this festival will be staged on Dec 22 and 23 at the Top Storey, Alliance Francaise de Madras.

Pif is an idea, an esprit [and other exotic words that usually mean squat, and are used in boring QC meetings where the visiting white man has the only good chair in the hall], an emotion, an invocation, and a cuss word.

Pif cannot be defined. It is however, not a gimmick. Not a movement. Not a fad. Not the name of a lost Teletubby.

Pif is for individuals who are amused and irritated by the flow of meaningless phrases and words that we swim in everyday, in order to be polite and grown up towards each other.

There will be two shows per day, @ 3pm and 7pm-- The show content for the 22nd will not be repeated on the 23rd. Yes, you heard right! That's two whole days of brand new, original material.

Tickets are priced @ Rs. 50 if you have your student i.d. and Rs. 100 without. Tickets available at Alliance Francaise and Cafe Mocha. Or contact 98402 17447 for bookings.

Come experience the Pif festival, which gives a Pif for bad accents, says Pif off to overpriced tickets, and is indubitably, an ePIFany, if anything at all.

The focus is on collaboration, on the individual, on fun, on truth, especially ironic truths. Don't miss out on the Pif parade, on the 22 and 23 of December.

With Molotov cocktails of love, truth and sharpened pencils,
The Pif Parade
On a sidenote:
I be part of that small group of ramshackle chennaiites. It's been a heady last two months as director, actor, performer, organizer, spoken word artist and general all around mad person revelling in the madness. And I sing too. One line. In tune. (hey, dont knock it till you try it. It's hard singing a line in tune! )
Been an intense and very positive experience thus far. And now showdate's looming large, and we will be performing this Saturday and Sunday. All original, real issues, real emotion and humor.
It has been, and still is, much madness, energy and general pandemonium. With two days left to go, we're still rushing ahead, clearing last minute hurdles that always pop up, losing tempers and finding them again, much bettering, fine-tuning and soul-searching amidst life, chaos and aye, hectic readying.

Here's to great theatre... and charging toward that elusive goal.
*chinks glass*
Do come.


Kaushik said...

I'll try to make it.
Best of luck!


vinay said...

damn !! i missed this...just saw your blog... should have posted in caferati as well :(

how did it go? Hope you all rocked!!