Monday, November 28, 2005


On Friday, I went to see the Leipziger Baroksolisten. While the name comjures up some wierd and wonderful exhibit in a freak show, it was sadly just 5 musicians playing baroque music at the Music Academy. Brought to us by the Max Mueller Bhavan which is the place where all the germans in Madras go to to clunk their beer mugs together.

It was music from the baroque period, played on some very lovely instruments of which I could only recognise the violin. There was one gentleman blowing as hard as he could on what looked like a drain pipe, but I thought it would be impolite to show him the error of his ways and left him to his own devices.

The evening was wonderful, I dragged 4 of my friends so I wouldnt have to sleep alone. If you haven't been to a classical music concert before, do try to catch one, I don't think I've ever met anyone yet who doesn't enjoy it. Incidentally the Orchestra of the Bavarian State Opera, conducted by Zubin Mehta, will be performing at the Music Academy on 26 December 2005.

Changing tracks, I am gettin rather tired of the rain. I went to the beach today and no sooner had I put my foot on the sand than it began to rain. So my friends and I ran from one coffee pub to the next till we whittled away enough of our fathers' hard-earned cash, or whatever was left after we've created a mini food shortage at this lovely Seafood restaurant we went to. I've crossed it many times, went inside for the first time today and was pleasantly surprised. Took a nice table by the window and slaughtered and ate about half the water population. It's called Fisherman's Fare and it's in Egmore and certainly worth a look if you live nearby.

In other news, My friend is joining kickboxing classes. I am comtemplating joining her. While I am horrified at the thought of shaking my bits to the hits in front of a gigantic mirror while my nymph mates look on, I decided to buck up, grit my teeth and go out there and give her the moral support she needs. If all else fails, we can always kick in a few nymph teeth and walk away. Accidentally of course, not like we're JEALOUS or anything, mind!

So on that cheery note, I bid adieu... hiiiiiYAH

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