Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Happy New Year 2006

Another day, Another year.

I still can't get over the fact that its 2006. I'm practically ancient! I vividly recall the ruckus we kicked up during the 2000 millenium new yrs celebration in Goa( yes, yes, I know TECHNICALLY the new millenium started on 2001 but stop being such a stick in the mud! Its the x000 digits that knock the message home that by now, according to screenwriters in the 1960s, we should all be wearing silver with hoops and flying thru air traffic with backpack jetpacks)

My family finally broke the pattern and went to Indonesia for this new yr. The last 4 years we've been at Bangalore. Now it's so bloody difficult to get a room on any regular night, leave alone a couple of suites on new years eve, and really its only the weather that Blore's got going for it.. I'm really glad we decided to spend a week in Singapore instead. New years weekend tho, we took a ferry and landed up in this small island in Indonesia called Bintan. The resort really was like something out of a postcard: crystal clear water, clear blue skies, white sparkling sand and sunny but breezy weather.

Unfortunately a rough sea meant that we couldnt go for any water sports and so the aquatic ecosystem in Bintan was saved from total annihilation by the deadly duo that is the talented Mr NKR and the unstoppable Mr NN (a.k.a Dad and Bro). Me, I generously douse every inch of exposed skin with SPF 600 and cover myself from head to toe in sheaths of fabric and then go lie on the beach looking like Michael Jackson meets the Corpse Bride (I READ about holiday romances, I KNOW they exist but I've never been asked out by some 6 foot 2, eyes of blue, bronzed and beefy hunk on the beach. I cant for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong!) If I'm particularly adventurous, I remove my combat boots, pull up my 300kg jeans with swarovksi crystals and dip my toes in the water.

So without water sports, all we could do was lounge about on the beach. But my brother, Destroyer of all sea lifeforms and all-around pain-in-the-youknowwhat, simply cant stay put and gaze at the sea for hours. Which is why, for some reason I found myself on top of a small elephant desperately clinging on for dear life instead of lazing on the beach. To its credit, it really was a very well behaved elephant, small, infantile even. Poor thing had to lug my dad and me around the island. I strongly recommend you try it, if you're the type that enjoys sitting on a high sack of large blunt rocks with nothing to hold on to and being dragged in the hot midday sun.

Some sightseeing, some Go karting, some shopping and lots and lots of alcohol. The New Year eve's party was really nice. My brother and I are responsible for the 47% decrease in the goat population of Indonesia. Oh yeah, and we did eventally annihilate the entire aquatic ecosystem, one seafood salad at a time. My self-proclaimed unlucky uncle won the lucky draw. We were just breaking out the champagne to celebrate this reversal in his fortune when we found out what he had won: A bottle of wine. With an alcohol content so low that my cough syrup fell off the table laughing. We drank our wine in gloomy silence after which it suddenly vanished, flicked no doubt by those charming ever-smiling Indonesian waiters who take 'yes, I will have some more wine' to mean 'Take the whole bottle, my good fellow, and run like the wind and while you're at it, feel free to dip into my wallet'. We then drowned our sorrows in cough syrup while Lady Fortune pointed and laughed at my poor unlucky uncle, who for one shining moment, nestled between three scantily clad women bearing gifts, thought he had it all.

The live band was good. After one hour of enduring what I thought was the Indonesian National Anthemn, I realised she was in fact singing 'Summer of 69'. In English. Wearing white spandex and crocodile boots.

Sir Elton would be so pleased

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