Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Glory days, well they pass you by...

After all that nostalgic talk of school and studies and childhood, I thought I might as well put up this article I wrote in the eleventh grade. I was fifteen then, and I actually sat down and wrote this entire piece in answer to an essay titled "The Relevance of Moral Science in the School Curriculum" on my English II Model Examination. It was a long time ago but I resist the urge to polish up the rough edges. It's lovely to look back at something you were (are?) quite passionate about.

Needless to say I went hopelessly over the 250-word limit. But if I remember correctly, this was the first essay ever to get a 15/15 and coming from a woman who's highest mark awarded is a 13 for an exceptional essay, it really was a sweet victory of sorts. Good times... I miss school days. I dare not go back and face the that hollow broken shell of it's former glorious days.

The Relevance of Moral Science in the school curriculum:

The youth of today are a generation without a clear objective in mind. A simple look around will bear testimony to this fact. While newspapers scream of more school-killings around the globe, closer to home a wave of discontent and suicides ripple through, triggered by a number of reasons like inability to get an engineering or medical seat, family pressures and various other trivial issues that are ripping our society apart. What is needed, as this stage is not a miracle or a messiah, but a paradigm shift in the Collective Consciousness.

Where does the cause lie for this outburst of angst and can we mend it? The answer, surprisingly, is yes. Further increasing our hold on the youth and laying down more laws and restrictions will only produce an adverse effect, pushing us away from our goal. People rebel only against restrictions and laws, if there were no rules to be followed… what have they to rebel against?

This is not a cry for anarchy, but a plea to instill in the youth a sense of well-being and morality. The importance of Moral Science in the School Curriculum cannot be stressed upon enough. It is not advocating for any religion nor forcing a “moral code” on the youth, but creating an awareness.

In the fast-paced world of today, the youth have no masters to turn to. And so they turn to themselves, putting each other on pedestals, mimicking the acts of rock-stars and reflecting back the angry, frustrated message of the silver screen.

Moral Science helps to bring down the man-made barriers that we have created around ourselves, the manifestations of rank and status, the illusions of fear and hatred and disunity. Thus they reveal themselves for what they really are, mere illusions, and bring us back to reality, to the Eternal Truths and the Law of the Universe.

The Spirit of the Self and of the Universe are the same, and it is this that transcends all earthly laws and enforcements. Communism is still the best form of government… on paper. The difficulties arise when laws are implemented to force people to share and be nice to each other. Moral Science is about Communism, and creating a sense of community without setting laws to enforce it.

The light at the end of this dark tunnel lies not in books or government officials or even with our parents. It lies in us and creating an awareness of that is what is needed to in turn light up the whole world. These classes are not bout “enforcing” morality or a sense of ethical behaviour, but they are held for the sole purpose of bringing us back to ourselves, of stripping us of earthly laws and revealing a more human nature.

The advent of a society cannot be assessed by its technological advancements but by its mental progress. A truly enlightened and evolved society is not one where the infrastructure and functioning is difficult and complex, but one with a simple, universal goal.

The future of the world lies in the hands of youth. They should not be taught to hate or fear, for these are false emotions that can only be taught to a person. Moral Science does not teach, but rather helps us remember what we already know and have always known. It can help us go a long way in realizing the simple truths of Nature and Life. And where else to start but with the hope of tomorrow? Our children.

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