Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Brokeback, Capote and more...

Four movies in three days. No, I'm not an Oscar buff (I do watch the post-Oscars 'Who was wearing what' gossip tho.. I have my weaknesses) but I've been really wanting to watch these recent movies. I will try my best to not let this post turn into a review.

First, Brokeback Mountain. You could say it's a gay cowboy movie but I'd urge you not to pigeonhole it. In essence, it really is beautiful and poignant and I found it easy to forget that I was watching anything other than a traditional love story. (Resists the urge to add 'Love story with a (jack) twist'.. argh, that one just got away from me!)

Then, Capote. Again, a brilliant, absorbing movie. I had actually thought this would be a rather broad examination of Truman Capote's life; and I am such a sucker for biographies/movies. It was infact more intense and specific that I had expected. It's not a particularly 'nice' movie, but it's compelling especially the transformation of the protagonist in the course of two hours. You practically watch him change, degenerate somehow, in front of your eyes. Brilliant stuff.

Finally, Good night and good luck. Again, please feel free to throw about superlatives. Gripping, compelling, captivating, intense, and all that jazz. It's not completely fiction and that only adds to its pull. Excellent piece. George Clooney, were you hiding under a rock all these years?

The other that I had watch was the remake of Pride and Prejudice. I go weak at the knees at the thought of a Jane Austen adaptation so I really liked this brit movie. Personally, I find Kiera Knightley a bit irritating, illogical as it sounds, she's got a very annoying face, the sort that invites a right uppercut to the jaw. But she is a good actress and I was quite pleasantly surprised that the movie itself was this good. Just got a good 'feel' to it, very british and much more lively than a Merchant-Ivory production.

Others that I am eagerly anticipating - Syriana and Munich. Particularly Munich, the fact that it's Spielberg is just the cherry on the plum. I do hope it hits the theatres soon and not at some godforsaken time at a cineplex with all of 7 seats at its disposal.

I am publicly airing my grievance over Sathyam, the only real theatre in Madras, running 6 shows a day, all hindi, a couple of Tamil crowd-pullers at the larger theatres and the sole English offering being Narnia which airs at 10pm at that place with 4 seats and a mousetrap. Shape up or I will personally start distributing thiruttu VCDs outside your ticket counters!

P.S - Heath Ledger is rather dishy!

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