Tuesday, May 1, 2007


who am i?

line and dot
dot and line
on the dotted line i sign, i

i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

i is my identity
have i an identity?
i have no roots
i have two roots

i think, therefore i am.
i imagine i am imaginary.

are you real?

imaginary and real.
together we are complex.
together we are complete

but not whole

for then, i have naught, a hole
and no negatives
but i can be negative
i squared is negative
i am positive i am negative

so i am Z
the end
and the beginning
the all, the nothing, the infinite,
increasing infinitely in infinitesimal increments i tends to infinity.
and beyond.


who am i?
i don’t know.
do you?

i do
i does
i must do.
i make do with what i have.
i must make do with i

i am limitless, ceaseless, timeless
i am black, i am white, i am grey,
i fight, eye sight, i bite… i might
i write
i writhe

i right
i wrong

so i left


i am the little straight line with a dot on top.
i am the square root of negative one.
i am me.
but mostly, i am