Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sun People

How many tired souls this city houses…
On every pavement, I see sleeping people.
How in the midst of noise chaos and life, one slumbers so peacefully
Oblivious to everything but his own inner being.
Except for the faintest heaving of his bosom.
To sleep, to lose oneself, to leave behind everything… and to never wake up?
You would think it looking at them.
Perhaps it’s the stillness within.
The sleep that follows the satisfaction of a job well done, a day well spent,
A life well lived.
How many of us sleep their sleep?
Tomorrow they will rise with the sun,
and while the world tosses and turns on goose-down pillows
and wishes wistfully for a temporary respite from their inner turmoil,
They stir from their inner calm, and return to chaos and life once again.


PSM said...

I'm officially intriqued...very good. I dare say that it's flippin' excellent.

compos mentis said...

*deep bow*

Thank ye.