Tuesday, August 8, 2006

A concept of time

What if we are not really different people but the same person at different times? Imagine the big bang and with it the birth of the universe and cosmic inflation and energy and stars and galaxies and quark-gluon plasma and finally a little blue-green planet we like to call Earth. Imagine then, life. Complex cellular water-and-carbon based organisms. Then imagine Intelligence... Perception... Cognition... Sentience... Self-awareness. Now imagine you.

You are born, you live your life, you have your 'points of reference' - your mother, your father, your family, your home, your city, your school, your preferences, your physical attributes, your thoughts. And then you love, you laugh, you cry, you feel fear, you feel pain, you think, you act, you feel, you procreate (or not) and you die. What if, you are reborn as your mother?

What if time, not the quantifiable force that we as humans have sliced into infinite portions of measurable units but true time, absolute, flowing, endless, without reference to anything external, in and of itself, ceases to exist in the spatial-temporal continuum of the universe. What if it never was! What if instead, it continues in the nonlinear medium of your consciousness.

Reborn, with the rebirth of your pinpoint of comprehension in another space-time reference. Time begins again, when you are again, as your mother, your father, your son, the ladybug that crawled/crawls/will crawl over your bookmark. And so it runs on, boundless, ceaseless, infinite and you run on for all time, re-living the same life through different perceptions, beings and thoughts, being and not-being at the same time from the beginning of the universe, like every strand of hair you have shed, every fingernail you have discarded, every thought you have outgrown which still constitutes and defines you as a being and an entity… till all reality converges onto itself into that primeval atom of singularity, when you are not!

The end of the universe, whereupon you permeate all consciousness, all realities, all time, and you, the and and the or and the not and the was and is and will be in the conjugation hell of quantum mechanics, are all that remains.

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