Saturday, May 27, 2006

Another declaration

I openly declare my utter and total undying love for Colin Firth. His performance as Mark Darcy in the first Bridget Jones’s Diary was inspired to say the least; had me weak at the knees for days after. And then I saw Pride and Prejudice, The BBC Series. (6 hours nonstop, I have lost sensation in my right foot but it’s a small price to pay)

I’ve lost count of the number of adaptations of P&P that I have watched to date, this is by far the best and I hadn’t known that Colin Firth played the role of Mr.Darcy in this one as well (I suppose that explains his being cast in the same role in BJD years later. It is essentially the same character and lord, What a character!) so what a lovely surprise when I saw this version sitting pretty on the shelf at the BCL with his face splashed all over it.

I suppose it’s no surprise that Darcy has always been my favorite character. Sigh, and now I have a face to add to the idea. Six glorious hours just flitted past like small, yellow butterflies on a summer day.

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