Monday, August 15, 2005

who am i?

i introduce myself.

i write.

i wrote on yahoo. i now write on blogspot.

i am beautiful, i am ordinary, i am young, i am old, i am timeless, i am 5’4 and 49 kilos.

i listen, i learn, i grow, i am limitless, i am 2^(2^(2^… i tends to infinity.
and beyond.

i work, i play, i think, i write, i act.
i watch reruns of tom and jerry and laugh at all the same places each time.

i’ve loved, i’ve lost, i’ve hoped, i’ve tasted the first drops of rain, i’ve listened to pinkfloyd in complete darkness, i’ve cried in my mother's lap.

i am the walrus
goo goo g'joob.

i is also the square root of negative one.